“When faced with adversity, expertise and creativity are key“


Since its inception, the goal of RESHET 5.0 INTELLIGENCE has contributed through its extensive experience within the field of Intelligence to fight against criminal acts such as terrorism, hate crimes, business fraud, infiltrations, information theft and all kinds of threats against Individuals and Corporations. 



More than 10 years of experience in the world of intelligence


What makes us stand out is the ability to establish a strong connection with our client, understand his needs and design the best tailor made methodology for each case


Confidentiality is a fundamental pillar in our work


Specialized in Data Collecting from seceral sources

Ad-hoc solutions

We propose creative solutions for complex problems adapted to the needs of each client




Our main capabilities are:

  • Establish networks of connection that link apparently dispersed people or organizations of interest
  • Carry out psychological profiles and behavior patterns of persons of interest
  • Identify the person hiding behind a fictitious or anonymous identity
  • Integrate an Intelligence Analysis in all our work
  • Consider the use of intuition as an integral part of our experience


About us

RESHET 5.0 INTELLIGENCE  emerged from the imperative need to obtain, process and analyze relevant information for the protection and defense of Corporations, Institutions and Individuals against various threats. 

RESHET 5.0 INTELLIGENCE is a working team with more than 10 years of experience in the Cyber ​​Intelligence sector, Digital Cyber Monitoring, Identification and Analysis of Internal and External Risks and Threats in organizations. Our main target is to protect our customer information, privacy and integrity.